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Q&P Parties


Elevate your events with our huge selection of party supplies & planning services

Here at Q&P Parties, we provide everything you need, for everyone to thank you for the invite, and for the unbelievable experience you gave them!!


We provide services

for all the equipment and preparation you need for any event with any theme you would like, to make as personalized as possible, as parties are not just a gathering, its the definition of your personality. 

And to make it easier on you we also have to get us to come and Set it all up for you, so you focus on the more important stuff such as family, friends, food, and dessert ;)

Our wide selection of custom material allow the perfect fit for any events:

  • Birthday parties

  • Weddings

  • Graduation parties

  • Galas

  • End of year celebration

  • Baby Showers

  • Engagement


of course we wouldnt be a such a company if we just offered one set price for buying, as we all mostly after the party keep all the extras as suveneirs for many more years to come, thats why here at Q&P Parties we offer leasing options for all the ORLANDO FLORIDA region, with great discounts, still at the same quality.

If you are liking this BOOK WITH US TODAY!!

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for an extra 5% off!!!!

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